Catholic Church Shooting: Gunmen Came in Search Of Drug Lord|FortNews 

Following the shocking and bloody shooting inside a catholic church in Ozubulu in Anambra State where an estimated fifty [50] worshipers were killed and many more injured, more details to the gory shootings have began to emerge.

It was learnt from sources who spoke to reporters from Ozubulu that the gunmen were six in number and dressed in black and were wearing a mask to cover their faces. They had arrived to the home of a supposed south African based billionaire drug lord who goes by the name “Bishop [age 36]” the son of Chief Alloysius Ebubechukwuzo in search of the drug lord. But according to sources, the drug lord had gotten a hit of the pending attack a few days to the attack. He left town on Friday. Another source says he departed on Saturday. He is said to have departed for South Africa.

As the gunmen did not capture the drug lord, they headed to the church hoping to target his father. They arrived the church premises during the first mass and began shooting towards the direction they believed the father was seated. Many bullets were released towards the general direction – hitting many bodies – and actually hitting their target – the father of ‘Bishop’. A source stated that the father was shot at the leg while another source indicate that the father was fatally shot. We cannot independently verily his status.

Further investigation into the background causes of the shooting points to the ongoing killings in South Africa of Nigerians by South Africans. It was authoritatively gathered that the group of gunmen had been after the Bishop and his men for many months – and had managed to kill up seven [7] of Bishop’s men. Some were killed in South Africa while some were killed in Nigeria after they fled South Africa to Nigeria.

Our source adds that Bishop had been aware of the gunmen’s mode of operation and their desire to eliminate him and his entire gang. The gunmen are said to be hunting after him for reasons that border of ‘tuff’ wars. They had been in battle with Bishop’s men while in South Africa over drug route and trade disputes. And the gunmen who are believed to be south African are said to have capitalized on the xenophobic trends in South Africa to launch an all out war on the group.

The attack at the church is part of the series of attack planned against Bishop” said our source who added that Bishop is very aware that the gunmen will not stop till they get him or till they “wipe out his family”. Our source made it clear that the family and properties associated with Bishop are not safe.

“More attacks are likely”.
Bishop’s dad standing in checkered outfit handing an envelope to the seated grey haired man.


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