Jonathan’s Government, Better Than Buhari’s-Kanti Bello|FortNews

A former Senator from Katsina, under the umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Kanti Bello, has said that Nigerians are disappointed with the present government.

Kanti Bello also noted that the why many Nigerians are saying that the Goodluck Jonathan government was better than Buhari’s is due to the sufferings the masses have been facing since its inception.

According to him, peoples were not facing the kind of hunger that is now in  the country before Muhammadu Buhari came to power, regretting that he supported him during the election campaigns.

“No, come on! That’s not true. We kept quiet about it, because we thought they were saying the truth. Look, how much money has the APC government now collected from the anti-corruption they are doing,” Kanti Bello said.

“Where is the money? Nobody is accounting for the amount of money they have retrieved from people. Each time you hear so much billions. With that, there should have been some improvement. So, you cannot continue to blame the PDP. After two years, you are still blaming the previous government and you have only four years.

“Now, we have spent over 50 per cent of the time blaming PDP. I think something is wrong with us. So, I think it is high time our party stopped blaming [Goodluck] Jonathan, because the ordinary people somewhere with their anger are even saying that the Jonathan government was better.”

Speaking further, Kanti Bello who was one of those who projected Buhari, said, “That’s the truth. We are afraid to come out and that’s why some of us don’t even speak, we worked hard and we believed in what we were doing, we thought things would be better, but incompetent people are put in charge and of course some people are behind the scene controlling Buhari.”


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