APC Boils As Shettima Says Amaechi, Okorocha Not To Be Trusted|FortNews

An audio tape that recorded the conversation between the current governors of Borno and Ogun States, Shettima and Ibikunle has surfaced online.

The tape which had Mr. Shettima dominanting the entire conversation, revealed the conspiracy of the North and the West against the former president, Goodluck Jonathan. 

Mr. Shettima revealed that the plan of the APC-led administration is to substantially frustrate the people of the Southeast and that it plan to do so by opening up the economic base of Lagos and the North.

“We will bring our food produce to Lagos and have them exported to Europe and the Igbos will drink their oil”, Shettima said.
Ibikunle Amosu who repeatedly remided Shettima that Jonathan’s government was fair to the North in his policies and programs, was however careful in his choice of words. Shettima agreed, but insisted that Jonathan’s plan was to ensure that the North reduces in population by allowing Boko Haram to operate without stiff resistance from the Jonathan’s government.

Shettima also careless revealed that the North is not comfortable with Amaechi and Okorocha in Buhari’s government, even though they had played strategic roles in the emergence of President Buhari.
While Ibikunle who repeatedly referred to Shettima as ‘Alhaji’ suggested that he should forget about the past and think of ways to make Buhari succeed, Shettima on the other hand insisted that the Igbos must be made to suffer.

Watch video here: Shettima And Ibikunle Leaked Audio


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