Destiny Fulfilling Ministry, Lagos Celebrates One Year Anniversary |FortNews

It was an atmosphere of praises and thanksgiving today at Destiny Fulfilling Ministry International as the church celebrated it’s one year anniversary.

The founder and pastor of the church, pastor Mrs. Ufford, while delivery her sermon, tittled “Go and fulfil destiny” said the reason why many destinies are not fulfilled is because of lack of stable relationship with God. “When you are in a relationship with God, you fall and get up and continue your​ journey. But when you fall and refused to get up, that is when you begin to miss the will and purpose of God for your life”, the pastor said.

The pastor, also used the opportunity to unveil the vision and mission statement of the church to members.

During the service, many life-changing testimonies were shared. One of such testimonies was how a particular member of the church whose business had gone from bad to worse had planned to commit suicide was delivered after he attended one the deliverance services​ conducted by the woman of God.

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Highlights of the ceremony was the cutting of the anniversary cake by the pastor supported by the members of the church.


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