Ohio Family Shocked As Mark Zuckerberg Shows Up At Their Home For Dinner|FortNews

An Ohio family was shocked to find Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at their front door, after they had received word just 20 minutes prior that they would be dining with a “mystery guest.”
Zuckerberg dined with the Moore family on Friday in Newton Falls, a town roughly 55 miles from Cleveland, according to the Vindicator. Zuckerberg had asked his staff to locate Democrats who voted for President Donald Trump in November, according to the newspaper, and they identified Daniel Moore, who had been quoted while he was campaigning for the president on Cleveland.com.
But the dinner was not entirely political. The Moore family told the Vindicator that they discussed their work with an orphanage in Uganda, which Zuckerberg said he would plan a benefit fundraiser for.
“He cares very much about family and about community,” Moore told the Vindicator. “And he’s taking steps to do a lot of very positive things with his money.”

Zuckerberg is in the midst of a nationwide tour announced in January to visit people in all 50 states.


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