Check out the school fees of a school in Lekki

For some years now, private educators are really doing a lot to provide standard and quality education for Nigerians. But the challenge here is, the better the school, the more expensive it will be.
Such is for this Primary School in Lekki, Lagos. According to a photo shared by LIB, the invoice states a non-refundable Acceptance fee of N2 million, and tuition ranges from N2 – 3.3 million.
Looking at the poor and below-standard conditions of our public schools today, these private schools are getting much more patronage than one may ever imagine not minding the poor economic condition in the country.
What do you think about spending so much for a child’s education, especially in our country, considering the wide gap between the rich and the poor, and some other factors? Let’s have your opinion at the comment section below


One thought on “Check out the school fees of a school in Lekki

  1. Wow. .Now here’s the real problem with the Nigerian Society. .Quality Education yes Of cos: but at what Price!?? I mean this is the root cause’s of Corruption here & there. .There should be regulatory measures put in place. .The Rate Of High Blood Pressures is on a Spike😑😑

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