Scarcity of dogs hits Ekiti as consumption of dog meat rises

As the people of Ekiti State suddenly relish meals prepared with dog meat, the scarcity of the hitherto do­mestic animal has hit the state.

An investigation by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) showed that dogs have disap­peared from the streets of Ekiti State, following a rise in the con­sumption of dog meat by resi­dents.

The price for the animal has also reached the roof top.

In fact, more people have in­creasingly turned to dog meat for their nutrition in spite of the taboo hitherto associated with its consumption in the affected communities.

Among the communities where dog meat has become a fa­vourite are Ado-Ekiti, Ikere-Ekiti, Ise-Ekiti, Emure-Ekiti, Ikole-Eki­ti and Otun Ekiti.

The development has led to new dog slaughter slabs springing up in the communities as the res­idents consume the meat in their homes, restaurants and beer par­lours.

A resident said no fewer than 20 of such slaughter slabs exist in Ado-Ekiti alone.

“A good number of beer par­lours and relaxation centres now make pepper soup and ‘suya’ from dog meat. Because of the high rate of consumption of dog meat, it is now difficult to see dogs on the streets and their cost have risen astronomically,” the resident, who craved anonymi­ty, said.

Three-month-old dogs which were previously sold for N500 now attract up to N3,000 while adults go for between N6,000 and N15,000, depending on the size.

Mr. Debo Olusola, who trades in dog meat, said he makes an average of N10,000 daily from the sale of dog meat barbecue.

A veterinary doctor, Mr. Kunle Adeyemi, warned against excessive consumption of the meat, saying it was “risky and injurious to health” due to ra­bies content in the dog flesh and blood.


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