Your Career Should Not Be An Excuse For Failing As Parents- Don, Lagos Business School

Dr. Chukwuemeka Amah- Lagos Business School
Parenting in the 21st  century was the theme of this year’s Parents Conference of Nora Schools, Lagos.
The guest speaker, Dr. Chukwuemeka Amah of Lagos Business School, reminded the parents that pursuing a career should not be an excuse for failing as parents.

The don frown at the attitude of some parents who completely delegate their responsibilities as parents to their maids, saying such act is irresponsible and will only help to produce unbalanced children.

“I can see that the way things are going, if we don’t check it, we will end up giving up our family in pursuit of career”, he said.

” Parenting involves providing for the physiological, financial, socio-economic, emotional and spiritual needs of your children from infancy to adolescent, but unfortunately most parents only provide for the financial and socio-economic needs of the children leaving out the physiological and possibly the spiritual needs to be handled by the maids”.

The Don pointed out that it will be a complete waste of resources to send children to the best schools only for them to grow up into unbalanced adults without morals.

The Don further stated that it was important that parents get involved in their children’s activities especially on their use of the internet and social media platforms.

Dr. Amah advised parents to make conscious efforts to raise children who will grow up to be responsible adults.


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