Fighting corruption: Buhari’s Son, Yusuf Buys Multi Billion Hotels in Dubai, Abuja

As Buhari’s one sided anti corruption war continues, his first son, Yusuf Buhari has been left untouched, in spite of multi billion Naira acquisition of porch hotels in Dubai and Abuja, with no source of income as a businessman or a worker.

 Buhari’s only son, Yusuf, according to sources, is alleged to own two hotels in Abuja and another in Dubai, which is currently under construction. Sources said, the business associate of the younger Buhari, an American in the oil and gas industry, claimed that the president’s son was seeking to invest in the American’s other business in Nigeria, which is high speed broadband. 

Revelations have emerged that, to impress the American and demonstrate that he was a major player in terms of funding, Yusuf Buhari took him to his five-star hotels in Abuja and claimed that he had another one in the pipeline in Dubai. 

Findings show that, the American said he was surprised about Yusuf’s possessions and told him, “You are not even 30 yet. How can a young man like you own places like this?” responding, Yusuf said, “Everyone had their own opportunity. It is now our turn. What do you expect? We may not be here tomorrow.”

 The American laughed as he recollects the incident, and told Yusuf, “Your father is meant to be fighting corruption”, he laughed again adding, “see how he is fighting corruption”. The businessman also said that the drop in oil price has affected his main interest in the country – lifting crude oil. 

However, he felt things were looking up in the broadband business. Yusuf who is in his mid-twenties, graduated in July from Surrey University.


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