Police Commissioners Now Visit Shrines, To Become Commissioner Of Police in Lagos

Some Police Commis­sioners in Lagos State who are purportedly eyeing the post of the Com­missioner of Police, Mr. Fa­tai Owoseni, have gone to strange shrines, temples and other “spiritual” places with­in and outside Nigeria to re­move their boss from office.

This medium learnt that the plot to unseat Owo­seni was motivated by the al­leged juicy nature of the of­fice, especially the support he enjoys from the state govern­ment and the private sector.

A senior police source said that the move to use dia­bolical means to remove Ow­oseni from office was borne out of “greed, covetousness and avarice,” adding that “these are what have forced the senior officers to resort to spiritual efforts to occupy the seat of the number one police officer in the state.”

It was further gathered that some of the ambitious police officers have visited churches, mosques, shrines and traditionalists (babala­wos) to seek for divine help and favour to accomplish their drive.

The police source alleged that some of them have con­sulted goddesses of popular rivers in Osogbo, Oyo State, while others have besieged white garment churches for purification as well as con­sulted popular Islamic spirit­ualist (Alfas) to enable them attract the favour of Inspec­tor-General of Police to ap­point them as replacement for Owoseni.

In fact, a senior police of­ficer told This reporter that his friend from one of the northern states went be­yond the shores of Nigeria to consult a “powerful” tra­ditionalist to make him the favourite of the IGP for the office.

He disclosed that the police officer has been fre­quenting Benin Republic to ensure that he emerges the preferred candidate.

Owoseni confirmed to this reporter that he was aware of the alleged visits to traditionalists by desperate and ambitious commission­ers of police to replace him.

He told our reporter at the weekend in Ikeja, Lagos, that “I am aware that some of my colleagues have been be­sieging “babalawos” in a bid to remove me from office but my piece of advice for them is to look up to God for help.

He said: “Anybody that is trying to outdo me is wasting his time because God is with me. I don’t have children that I am training neither am I thinking of marrying again. I have served the police for 33 years out of my 55 years of existence on earth. I have worked with the United Na­tions with allowances not be­low $20,000. If I am removed from Lagos, I will still serve the country and do other things after retirement.”

Owoseni urged police­men to be civil as well as shun extortion and bribery and put their trust in God.

Source: Authority


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