The Unprofessional Conduct Of Chineye Okoye Of @DiamondBankNG

The fear of Chineye Okoye Of Diamond Bank is the beginning of wisdom as customers of Ajah Thomas Estate branch of the bank are constantly harassed and verbally abused.

Today, a correspondent of Fort News approached her to deposit some money into an account, but unfortunately the account details were not exactly correct, so at that point, instead of politely asking our reporter to step aside for other customers waiting in queue, Chineye created a scene when she said, “They will not check account details before coming to waste one’s time”. This came at a time our reporter was trying to make a call to get the account details corrected.

When our reporter demanded to see the manager, one of the security officer pleaded on behalf of chineye, saying “She is just like that ooo, body too dey pepper am”.

It is obviously clear from the remarks of the security officer that Chineye Okoye is abundantly impatient, character-deprived and professionally inept.

The Management of diamond bank must educate Chineye Okoye that a customer deserves not to be treated as an idiot simply because there was an error in account details. 


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