Militants Blow up Another Pipeline in Delta state

Asaba, Nigeria​

By Joshua Okungbowa |Staff Writer |Fort News

September 13,2016||4:00pm

The Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate (NDGJM), a militant group, says it has blown up a pipeline belonging to the Nigeria Petroleum Development Company (NDPC) in Delta state.

The group confirmed this in a statement, saying the attack occurred in the early hours of Tuesday.

“As a mark of our faith to totally grounding the Nigerian oil economy, the gallant “Opudo” strike forces brought down the Afiesere- Iwhrenene major delivery line in Ughelli North, leading to the UPS/UQCC operated by NPDC/SHORELINES at about 1am today 13th September 2016,” the statement read.

“The Niger Delta is not a conquered territory and our people have never succumbed to intimidation before, rather we match force with the oppressor’s brutality.

“The Nigerian government should already know that the people of this part are not fools, who will not be able to see when they are being treated with disdain.”

NDGJM warned people around oil facilities in the region to vacate their residence “if you love your lives”.

The police have not reacted to the latest attack.

NDGJM has refused to accept the ceasefire declared by other militant groups in the area.


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