International Flights Board in Pitch Darkness at MMIA, Lagos

September 13,2016 ||6’17am

​By Joshua Okungbowa |Staff Writer |Fort News

In what appears to be the second time in as number of weeks, international flights were boarded in pitch darkness at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos on the night of Monday, September 12, 2016.

A columnist (name withheld) with The Trent who is travelling to New York with Emirates Airlines witness this national embarrassment as the airport was without any electricity for over three hours.

At 9pm when he confirmed that he had boarded his flight, he said  the flight was one hour behind schedule because of the whole service failure and that many people on his flight missed it because they couldn’t “wobble through the darkness” on time.

Photos of this embarrassment are at the end of this report.

“It was complete darkness,” he said. “Is it possible that FAAN MD is somewhere celebrating Sallah with his friends while our country is continuously humiliated and embarrassed by incompetent people?”

“FAAN MD and his team should just resign honourably. People at the airport are saying this same thing happened two weeks ago,” he continued. “The sight here is unbelievable! Just imagine how the foreigners would look at Nigerians as animals.”

“It is just 7pm and we are using torch lights from our phones to see our way. This is the sort of information that needs to be shared so we won’t keep managing and encouraging incompetence in public service in this country.

“This is our tax funds that are delivering this kind of awful service. These are the kinds of government failure that cause visa officers at foreign embassies to look at responsible Nigerians who are going to their country for business or holidays and treat them like trash in their own country,” he concluded.


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