Nigerians boarding a train to celebrate #Eid-Elkabir

By Joshua Okungbowa |Staff Writer |Fort News

September 12,2016||10:24am

I remember the first time I visited Ojodu, Lagos in 1998 and the experiences of that first visit are still very fresh in my memory.

Coming from Benin city, an environment where you can possibly step out of your home, wave to a bus( Tuketuke) or taxi (pure water), and it stops immediately allowing you to comfortably go in and take a seat before it moves on. But my visit to Lagos became a real challenge as moving from one point to another suddenly became a nightmare. 

I remember standing at a particular bus stop for more than an hour waiting to board a bus but ended up watching passengers struggled to board buses going to different destinations. Some even entered through the windows, others managed to squeeze themselves through the door. I watched with bizarre and wondered how we managed to get this impatient and disorderly.

The former governor of Lagos state, Mr. Babatunde Fashola made concerted efforts to reorient Lagosians on the need for orderliness especially at bus stops with the introduction of BRT Bus Terminals. Passengers were now made to queue up to access tickets and to eventually board.

Just few years after Fashola left office, Lagosians are back to their old ways as can be seen in this picture where passengers are struggling to board a free train from Lagos to Oshogbo at the instance of governor Rauf Aregbesola.

 Some Nigerians are very impatient and disorderly especially while driving on slowly moving traffic, queueing up in the bank or using the ATM, but the government, some agencies of government and private sectors do also contribute to making Nigerians impatient and disorderly. For instance does the Osun state government knows the expected number of person it was moving from Lagos to Oshogbo? What arrangements were put in place to ensure the passengers were orderly? 

It is not enough to say we provided free train services for people to move from Lagos to Osun, what plans were put in place to ensure seats were properly allocated to passengers? 

I hope that in the nearest future, the government will become more proactive and purposefully doing things that will encourage Nigerians to be more patient and orderly


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